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As ClickUp's first partner, ZenPilot has helped 2700+ teams turn chaos into clarity. As a ZenPilot client, you benefit from our unique combination of technical ClickUp expertise, agency operations and productivity consulting, and our heavy emphasis on team training, enablement, and building healthy habits. Reach out and let's chat!


ZenPilot's PM + Process Blueprint is the only fully-guaranteed ClickUp service in the industry. It's your custom, cohesive playbook for streamlining your operations in ClickUp, including the design of your ClickUp workspace, integrations, automations, dashboards, views, custom fields, integrated process templates, and comprehensive team training. Go to ZenPilot.com/Call to schedule your Blueprint conversation.

As we've served 2700+ clients, we've solved a wide range of ClickUp needs - from helping hundreds of teams successfully + quickly move to ClickUp for the first time to helping teams who have been using the platform for years optimize their setup and processes to get more from the platform. Our implementations always revolve around the right technical solutions, process-driven workflows, and comprehensive team training to make sure you get the most from the platform and can build a healthier, more productive, and more profitable team. Book a call at ZenPilot.com/Call to learn more.



"ZenPilot has been a game-changer in cutting out the project management time-wasters that eat away at team efficiency and profit margins. We no longer need to scrub our to-do lists to figure out where the most pressing tasks are for the week. We now have a system for executing the highest priority tasks, reporting on their status, and tracking performance, all within a single platform. As the CEO, I don't need to hunt information or require my team to give me daily updates. We've created views that allow me to keep a bead on the pulse of our company and track the leading indicators I need to ensure profitability. Without ZenPilot's systems and coaching, it would have taken years to figure this out for ourselves. Working with their team has been one of the few investments I've seen near immediate ROI. 10/10 would recommend to any agency." - Chris DuBois, CEO @ Lean Labs


“ZenPilot has been great to work with. They came in with a framework, implementation, and training resources to move our agency through a lot of change in the way our 30-member team does things….change management that is super hard like task and time tracking! They really know ClickUp, and we do some crazy complicated things in there. If you need help scaling and measuring operational performance in your agency, ZenPilot is a great partner to get it done.” - Ben Labay, CEO @ Speero


“Our agency has tried many project management tools over the years, but when we migrated to ClickUp we finally felt like we got it right. But hiring ZenPilot to help us implement it was an even better decision — easily the best investment we made in our agency’s growth. In the year since implementing ClickUp, our business has doubled, and our project management systems and structure have been able to adapt and scale with us, and ZenPilot continues to offer valuable guidance to keep us on the right track. You can’t ask for a better partner than Andrew and Gray!” - Whitney Parker Mitchell, CEO @ Beacon Digital Marketing


"After ZenPilot and ClickUp gave us visibility into our production resources, we increased utilization by 29% - this has been a huge win for our agency and our team!" - Nate Ende, COO @ Trinity Insight


"ZenPilot has been the most impactful agency operations investment we’ve ever made. Gray & the team understood our situation, know ClickUp inside out, and led our team to a successful implementation. If you’re serious about scaling your agency, you need to talk to ZenPilot - they transformed how we work and led a 300% improvement in efficiency." - Michael Lisovetsky, Co-Founder @ JUICE


"ZenPilot provided the tools, processes, and in-depth knowledge to allow us to successfully migrate our entire business easily to ClickUp in just a few weeks. We would recommend ZenPilot to anyone considering a move to ClickUp." - Andrew Cole, COO @ Fat Earth Media


“Leadership now has a clear view of bandwidth and capacity, the staff understands exactly what is expected of them when they sit down every morning, and our clients have improved visibility into their deliverables.” – Kevin D’Arcy, CEO & Founder @ ThinkFuel


“Hiring ZenPilot stands among the best business decisions we made this year. We appreciated that they completely understand our type of business (digital agency) and the projects we do, and how consistently they went above and beyond our expectations.” - Arianne Foulks, Founder @ Aeolidia


“Thanks to ZenPilot, our company has increased overall productivity by 400% and revenue acquisition by 25%. ZenPilot strictly adheres to timelines and budget, and our internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their knowledge and workforce methodology.” – Shayla Pearson, Director of Rev Ops @ Seaworthy Strategy