Cheniece Patrick OBM

272 Calhoun Station Parkway, Suite C #1129
Madison, Mississippi 39110 United States of America


A boutique Digital Operations Management consultancy 🗂 for creatives & service-providers, serving them with domain expertise, small business development, systems strategy, & systemized Operations Management. At Cheniece Patrick OBM, I specialize in transforming the back-end digital landscape of service provider and creative small businesses. With strategic planning and seamless operations, I propel your business to new heights, leaving you with more time to focus on what truly matters. I ensure that your business' background digital processes run smoothly and efficiently to keep your business operational. From managing day-to-day digital functions 💼 to building internal system integrations and automations, I take care of the nitty-gritty so that you can look good and be impressive while you focus on what matters most – leading your business and serving your buyers.


Not quite ready for a long-term commitment, but still need pro-level guidance to get your business past that next big step? Look no further! My ClickUp Strategy Action Plan is the perfect solution for you! Join me for a collaborative 90-minute audit where we'll dive deep into your business, laser-focusing on your very next moves towards implementing your vision. No more noise, just targeted strategies for your success. After our intensive session, you'll walk away with a SWOT Analysis & Report and a personalized Action Plan tailored to your business' needs that will lead you straight to your goals. I'll serve you your customized plans already built into your own ClickUp Workspace. And it will be delivered while you attend a final handover session including a Plan Presentation for one inside of your ClickUp Workspace. You will then receive my offer to oversee the implementation of your Action Plan. All of this ALSO includes a complimentary full assessment of your current tech stack! AND my exclusive ClickUp discount code for new Workspaces! 1. Intake questionnaire, a 90-minute audit of current business strategies, & a SWOT Analysis 2. A customized Action Plan & SWOT Analysis Report set up inside of your ClickUp Workspace 3. Access to all accompanying custom Action Plan resources 4. A FREE full assessment of your current tech stack 5. A Handover session for Action Plan delivery 6. Plan Presentation session for one

As a Verified ClickUp Consultant, I provide an extensive range of specialized ClickUp services designed to supercharge your productivity and streamline your business operations. From building custom templates that cater to your unique needs to seamless implementation, setup, and integrations that enhance efficiency, I'm here to transform the way you work. My expertise extends to crafting tailored automations, providing comprehensive consulting, and delivering top-notch training and onboarding experiences. Whether you're seeking strategic planning to align your goals or troubleshooting to resolve challenges, I've got you covered. With a proven track record and in-depth ClickUp knowledge, I'm your go-to partner for unlocking the full potential of this powerful platform and driving your business to new heights. Solutions can look like: custom workspace builds, platform implementation, system setup, building automations, software integrations, user consulting, 1:1 and team training and onboarding, strategic planning, process documentation, repair and troubleshooting, and even more.