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Dtechsystems.co is a frontrunner in product development, seamlessly merging technological expertise with strategic IT consultation. Our company was founded in 2012 with a focus on digital product development. Our team comprises talented Productivity Consultants, product managers, engineers, and marketers. We noticed many businesses were wasting resources and time, not focusing on important tasks, and decreasing productivity. In response, we decided to start helping businesses by providing our expertise in this area. We use ClickUp for all product management aspects to ensure smooth workflows and high productivity levels. Our headquarters are based in Riyadh. We delve into each client's specific challenges and needs to develop solutions that resolve issues and deliver tangible value.


ClickUp Solutions Tailored Onboarding Support: Offer personalized onboarding support to help you understand ClickUp project management as it can be complicated in the beginning. Our team will be available at your disposal ensuring that you are confident in using the portal. Seamless Integration Services: Creates a cohesive digital environment, eliminating data silos and improving your project management effectiveness by integrating ClickUp with current procedures. Comprehensive Training Programs: Comprehensive training helps your team master various features of ClickUp and utilize them for successful project management. Efficient Implementation Strategies: Collaborate with your team in crafting cost-effective plans for implementing changes, thus reducing transitions and adapting them quickly after abandoning your old PM systems.

Dtech Systems is a quintessential provider of comprehensive product development services, taking customer ideas from concept to finished product seamlessly. Leveraging in-depth industry knowledge and technological prowess, Dtech Systems singularly manages and controls projects with the help of ClickUp. By using this high-capacity platform, the company ensures superior workflow management, exceptional resource allocation, and granular tracking of project progress. Dtech is committed to delivering exceptional outcomes and timely deliveries, making it the go-to choice for end-to-end product development needs.



A car renting app where the user can rent a car based on their preferences and list their car for other users to rent in one app. The host can set its prices, provide discounts, and include all the relevant documentation about the car while the guest can provide their driver's license information and rent a car easily from home. Keeping in mind the market and client requirements we suggested making a single app for the user to manage his car for others to rent providing the facility to rent a car of its preferences within the same app. We reworked the calendar in such a way that the guest can either extend or reduce its trip days in a consecutive range. We handled the scenarios in case the car was already booked for the days by another user for which the guest was applying for an extension. After the trip extension/reduction, we updated the trip costing. ClickUp helped us manage all those tasks, documentation, and communication related to the tasks in one place in a completely organized way. This resulted in increased productivity and meeting the client's expectations.


The Richy group is a leading retail apparel group targeted towards men, based in Saudi Arabia. Its products range from fabric, and stitched apparel to accessories and homeware. Additionally, the LaMode service provides bespoke tailoring options to its clients. Dtech Systems was involved in the development of a website integrated with a 3D modeling feature. Magento 2 was decided as the E-commerce platform for web development due to its enhanced performance parameters. It was the optimal choice for Richy’s website particularly because of its high scalability, flexibility, hosting freedom, availability of numerous extensions, and easy third-party integrations. The website was designed to be highly visual with negative spacing to convey Richy’s luxurious brand identity. The responsiveness of the website was ensured to make the site accessible from all devices.


The Body Shop was established in 1976 as a provider of enriching and naturally-inspired beauty products. All of their products are 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free. The body shop has over 200 stores in the UK and operates in over 50 countries worldwide. Dtech’s responsibility as a software and digital marketing firm was to design and develop an e-commerce platform for the Saudi stores of The Body Shop. The user interface and experience of the website were kept similar to the official UK website to ensure brand consistency. The front and back end of the website were programmed to work with the Magento framework. To safeguard an optimized browsing experience, the responsiveness of the website was ensured, making the website flexible to all devices.