Maya Lombarts OÜ


Let me be your left-brained business support! 👊 Whether you're a musician, a photographer, or a coach, I'm here to take those linear tasks off your plate, be your strategic sounding board, and help you declutter your entrepreneurial journey. 🙋‍♀️ Also: it's just me. You know at any given time who you're working with. Apart from my management experience, I also use my coaching certification to tweak and customize your systems so that they 100% fit your personality, your brain, and your business. Let's do this!


Running a creative business can be a whirlwind. You get busy sharing your passion while your systems get cluttered. That's where the Bizz Audit comes in – your essential tool to gain fresh perspectives and streamlined operations. 🎯 360 Business Systems Evaluation 📞 1-on-1 Feedback Call 📽️ Recording Included 💪 Ongoing Business Support: Once we're clear on the next action steps, let me take the operational tasks off of your plate as your Sidekick in my Ongoing Business Support Services!

Want to start working with ClickUp? Or maybe someone created your ClickUp but it feels like a jungle out there? 🦁 I can help you create customized spaces and lists that make it easier on your creative brain. You shouldn't adapt to the system. The system should adapt to YOU! We will start with a Clarity Call to discuss what you need from your online system. Then, I'll declutter and simplify, build and transform, streamline and automate your ClickUp until you can't even imagine running your business without it! 🥳

Let me be your Long-Term Left-Brained Sidekick 👊 You don't have to build your business by yourself. I'm with you every step of the way. We will have monthly clarity meetings where we break down your business goals into actionable steps, discuss the tasks I'm taking off of your plate, and check in with your overall life balance. I will improve and manage your customer service, funnels, website, products and services, accountancy, and so much more.



Having ideas is easy, but minimizing and executing is the hard part. While running an online business, there’s an infinite amount of directions and tasks. Maya’s focus and compassion help me realign to what’s important rather than getting lost or paralyzed.


I no longer feel overwhelmed or stressed trying to catch up. Instead, I'm well ahead of schedule. As a business owner, it's easy to procrastinate, but Maya won't let you slack off. She's supportive and determined to help you succeed. She not only assists with tasks but also contributes to the strategic aspects of my business. We brainstorm ideas together, and she serves as a sounding board. Maya's ability to offer valuable insights and ideas is priceless.


I used to have a very linear-brained VA who created complicated systems in ClickUp and a million folders on my Google Drive. I could never find what I was looking for. Maya made my systems so much more intuitive and visual, it's easier on my creative ADHD brain. I'm grateful Maya understands what works and what doesn't work for me, and she adjusts accordingly.